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Thank you for considering advertising with As the internet continues to grow, so does the potential for customers. knows how important it is to reach customers to help grow a striving business. 

Our broadcast sales team offers a variety of radio spots,TV spots, Magazine, banner placement & promotions to make your advertising dollars more effective in obtaining a good return on investment.

Benefits of Internet Radio Advertising

  • ​Internet radio plays far fewer commercials per hour. This low spot load fosters high attention levels, which increases the probability than an ad will get the listener's attention.

  • ​Listeners are already online, only one click away from an advertiser's web site.​

  • ​Listeners tend to be active consumers and early adopters of new media options. 

  • Listeners tend to be young, affluent individuals with an average household income of $54,334. 

  • Hip Hope listeners earn a household income of over $60,000 per year on average. Christlike Radio listeners are 73% more likely than the average adult to be heavy radio users. On average, Christlike Radio listeners spend 28.3 hours listening to radio each week.

  • Listening is regionally concentrated: 80% of listeners are typically in southern United States regions.

We hope you find our packages to left to be budget friendly and effective for your sized business and amount of exposure you are seeking.

Lets build a partnership that will result in a return for your company!

After looking over our packages, should you have any questions please shoot us a message with the [email protected]

Featured Advertiser Package

Our featured advertiser package includes:​

  • A slider on the main page (24/7 rotation)

  • 4 facebook postings per month

  • Sponsorship of a weekend program ".. brought to you by .."

  • 100 :30 second on-air commercials (1 every other hour, peak periods)


Why Partner with Christlike Magazine?

Christlike Magazine delivers efficiency… LOW COST / NO WASTE demographic.

Christlike Magazine is the only print publication with this format in the Indianapolis Area.

Christlike Magazine can create and execute customized promotions to reach your target audience.

Christlike Magazine offers the highly targeted Churches and Small Businesses in the community of Indianapolis Area through print, web and social media.


Print : 5.5x 8.5 Magazine

Frequency- Monthly

Circulation- 1,000

Distribution-Over 50 locations including churches, barbershops, salons, professional offices, restaurants, and other prime locations • Castleton, Avon, Carmel, Plainfield & All of Marion County • Hand to Hand at highly attended events

E-Magazine :

Frequency- Monthly (all back issues available online) •Distribution- Emailed to hundreds of subscribers E-blast: Newsletter

Frequency- Weekly

Distribution- Emailed to hundreds of subscribers


•Daily Content Updates

•Includes: streaming radio via the Christlike Radio Show, Streaming video via the HIP HOPE SHOW, photo albums, event listings, articles, community calendar, readers response , contests, and much more.

Social Media Sites:

•Daily Posts, Pictures, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SocialCam, and Youtube.


Features include:

• Kingdom Business- highlighting young Christian role-models in business or the arts.

KeepItJesus - featuring young Christian role-models for their work in the community.

Sky’s The Limit - focusing on education.

Speak On It - highlighting successful Christian entrepreneurs.

Perfectly Posed - photos from community events, church functions, and entertainment.

Real Talk- focusing on Christians who are dedicated to changing our community in a Christlike way.

Other Topics Include: BookIt, Club Christlike, Christlike Filmz, Pray4Me, and More.